Hand-sketched portrait

Are you searching for a pencil artist to turn a photo into a hand-sketched portrait, to cherish the one who means special to you, to have a unique portrait for yourself, or as a present for someone?

Let the artist of byco realize it for you!

Interested? Here is the process:
  1. Fill the contact form and attach the photograph
  2. Pay a deposit and after confirmation, the drawing starts
  3. When it is finished, you will receive a notification by email with a preview. Then you can pay the balance and we will post the original hand-sketched portrait to you!

- Standard format is A4
- Deposit = 30%
Painting-style portrait

Have you ever wanted a painting-like portrait in your personal album or as a home-decoration?

Painting-style portrait is a special post-processing service byco provides. It is a digital re-painting process based on the original photo, which can be made into oil-painting style or Chinese ink-painting style, depending on the photo itself and your wish.

If you already have a target photo, you can simply follow the same procedure as in the section "hand-sketched portrait", and when we check if the resolution and the picture is good enough to work with, you can pay the deposit;

Of course you can always add this service as an additional item to our photo-shooting package, please contact us for details.

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